Feast Information

#1 Capo

OLMCFEAST Entertainment Schedule

  • Thursday, July 5– Opening Night – “Danny Vecchiano and The Giglio Band”
  • Friday, July 6 – Rapture Music
  • Saturday, July 7 - “Entertainer, Sal Manzo”
  • Sunday, July 8 – “Brooklyn Keys” -
  • Monday, July 9 Italian Numbers Tournament
  • Friday, July 13 – “Saints in the City, Springsteen Tribute Band”
  • Thursday, July 12th “Free Pass”.
  • Saturday, July 14 – “The Accords”
  • Monday, July 16– “Entertainer, Angelo Ruggiero”
  • Sunday July 15th “Entertainer, Alfio”

July 16th Feast Day of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel

  • July 15th: 11pm Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Celebrant: Most Rev. James Massa
  • 12pm: Celebration Mass in English Celebrant: Msgr. David L. Cassato
  • 3:00pm Celebration Mass in Honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in English/Italian Celebrant: Most Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio 4:00pm Procession of the Statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Throughout the Parish Neighborhood
  • 6:00pm Celebration Mass in Polish Celebrant: Most Rev. Witold Mroziewski
  • 7:00pm Celebration Mass in Spanish Celebrant: Most Rev. Paul R. Sanchez
  • 8:00pm Celebration Mass in Creole Celebrant: Most Rev. Guy A. Sansaricq
  • 9:30pm Return of Our Lady’s Statue to the church with Benediction 10:00pm Closing ceremonies & drawing of raffles on church steps


Turk: Neil Dellamonica

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  • OPENING NIGHT| July 5th 7pm Mass
  • Questua | July 7th 11am
  • GIGLIO SUNDAY | July 8th 12pm Mass 1:30 1st lift
  • Children's Giglio Lift | July 10th 6pm
  • Giglio Night Lift | July 11th 7pm
  • Old Timers Day Giglio Lift | July 15th 2pm