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Upcoming Events

  • 2018 Dates! Thursday July 5th- Monday July 16th!
  • General Feast Meeting Schedule! All Meetings to be held in the OLMC Lower Hall at 8pm March 28th* *St Joseph's Day Celebration (Donated by the Addeo Family) May 9th June 6th June 13th
  • June 20th** ** Feast Day of San Paolino Di Nola, Special Mass, June 27th

Latest News

  • Congratulations to Anthony Allocco on being named the 2017 Turk!!!!
  • Congratulations to Gerard Langone being named the 2017 #1 Capo!!!!
  • Lifters Online Payment Portal
  • Here's the 2017 Raffle winners! Marianna Wysoczanski $10,000 Mela Giordano $5,000 Bobby Guerra $2,500 Jennifer Pastena $500 Mike Cassollo $500

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