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Upcoming Events

  • Feast 2019 Dates! July 10th- July 21st!!!!
  • Meeting Dates: Wednesday April 17th 8pm |Wednesday May 15th 8pm | Wednesday June 5th 8pm | Wednesday June 12th 8pm | Wednesday June 19, San Paolino mass 7pm followed by meeting 8pm | Wednesday June 26th 7pm, Final Meeting Boat comes out! T-shirt’s and Ha

Latest News

  • A very special congratulations to Joe Mascia on his appointment to Turk for Feast 2019!!
  • Congratulations to: Sal Mazzatenda, Dan Mace & Willie Bonomo on Being Promoted to Apprentice Capos!
  • Congratulations to: Pat DiCanio, Joey Aragona & Neil Dellamonica on being Appointed as Lieutenants!
  • If Interested in the lifting the Giglio Email us at [email protected]
  • Lifters Online Payment Portal

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